Hetlisa Cleaning Services


With extensive experience we strive to become strategic partners with our clients which assists us in attaining a deeper understanding of our client’s needs, their challenges they face with facilities management and ensure our professional team assists in all challenges presented to them.



Our Services can be tailor made to suit your needs!

High Rise / Access Cleaning

Hetlisa Cleaning Services are specialist in high access cleaning. We provide a range of services to customers where safety and access above 3 meters is challenged and where OSHACT Regulations come into effect when working at height.


We are a trusted company servicing industries with Window CleaningHigh Access Cleaning, Painting Solutions and Property Maintenance Solutions.

Commercial Cleaning

Servicing the Hospitality and Retail Sectors and working closely with ORTIA we are able to work and perform in high traffic volume areas. Being a diverse company we able to perform cleaning indoors and outdoors.   With our flexible hours that operate 24/7, 365 day a year we are able to facilitate and accommodate the efficient running of your business allowing you to stipulate working hours to ensure no business interruption to your organisation.

Once-off Cleaning

Hetlisa being a diverse Cleaning Company we are able to offer a vast range of Once off cleaning services ranging from Carpet cleaning, Office Deep cleanses, Window Cleaning, Sanitizing, Waste removal – please contact our offices should you require any once off cleaning and we will ensure utmost professional service and approach to your request.

Hygiene Services

Hetlisa Cleaning Services understand Health and Safety and working with our clients in many industries ensure we facilitate optimum hygiene and sanitary working conditions.  We offer professional hygiene services including: ablution cleaning, washroom products including sanitary bins, liquid soap dispensers, air-freshenerssanitisers, paper-towel dispensers, seat sanitisers.  Your safety is our concern.

Automotive Cleaning

As a company that pride ourselves on values and the safety of our planet we at Hetlisa Cleaning Services have under taken to operate and incorporate Waterless Automotive cleaning as are able to accommodate clients in providing Waterless car washes at their place of work.  Its simple and easy and we can operate this on a monthly contract or once off washes.

Pest Control

Hetlisa are known not to be Pests but rather to eradicate them.  As part of our Pest Control Service we help eliminate and prevent general pest issues such as household insects, rodents and other pests for both  residential and commercial customers.