About us

Every Successful Tree has Strong Roots

Flowing out from the ACSA Enterprise Development programme Hetlisa Cleaning Services CC is one of five small cleaning companies providing cleaning service at O.R. TAMBO International airport in Gauteng. The CC has 3 members each previous employees of ACSA and have allocated roles and responsibilities to cover all aspects to operate & manage the company effectively. To achieve this the following organogram applies to the enterprise:


Central to Airports Company South Africa’s (ACSA) Procurement Policy is the Black Empowerment Strategy, underpinned by five of the six elements of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Public Sector Scorecard. This is the basis for the Company’s verification and provides impetus for supplier empowerment and socio-economic transformation.


ACSA the Group has maintained its level 3 B-BBEE contributor status which allows vendors and stakeholders to claim 110 percent Procurement Recognition Level for every Rand spent with ACSA. Preferential Procurement, Enterprise Development and Corporate Social Investment will remain a primary focus within Procurement activities to enable transformation.


Procurement initiatives are aimed at exploiting opportunities for Black suppliers, especially within maintenance, professional services, capital expansion programmes and retail opportunities.


In 2008 and leading into 2009 Hetlisa Cleaning Services CC came into existence through ACSA focusing on enterprise development to acquire valuable transactions with the Group, focus areas entailed procurement in accordance with the Public Transport Charter, namely;

The promotion of Exempted Micro Enterprises * (EMEs) and Qualifying Small Enterprises † (QSEs) in ACSA’s procurement opportunities and processes.

Training and development of EMEs and QSEs undertaken to equip them with the necessary skills to effectively manage the ramifications of doing business with a large organization.

Procedures refined to ensure that EMEs and QSEs are paid within thirty days.

A database created to identify and qualify small businesses that have the potential to participate in ACSA procurement opportunities.

Hetlisa Cleaning Services CC entailed the formation of invited suitable employees with entrepreneurial acumen based at OR Tambo International, cleaning services specific. The ACSA project was successful and allowed benefits through skills development, on-job training and experience on how to a run small business. Furthermore, the programme achieved the goal for previous employees to own, develop and sustain growth of their enterprise.

The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.

Our Vision

To provide a quality cleaning service to a wide range of clients and customers, and by doing so to ensure the services offered are affordable and of the highest quality attainable.

Mission Statement

Hetlisa Cleaning Services CC endeavor and commit to the high standards of cleaning through high caliber technology, chemicals, equipment and appropriately trained employees, with a view to ensure professional and sound business practice in the offering of the services rendered and the quality of service delivery.


Hetlisa Cleaning Company is committed to furthering and developing Black Economic Empowerment. This includes complying with the Black Empowerment Legislation, identifying and appointing B-BBEE compliant suppliers, engaging in projects to transfer skills to previously disadvantaged individuals and partnering with emerging black providers.


Presently we are a Level One Contributor.


Hetlisa Cleaning Services CC aspires to the following corporation values;

Results driven


Honesty, integrity and respect

Company Structure

  • Managing Director

  • Financial Director

  • HR and Payroll Director

  • Operations Manager